does online physio work

If you haven’t had an online physio appointment yet,
you may be wondering if it actually works. The answer is YES!

Here we go again. Bubbles decreased, social events cancelled, and hundreds of businesses required to close their doors again. Rest assured, we are still open amid all the chaos and working hard to keep you and your loved ones safe. Although we are still offering in-person appointments with enhanced cleaning and physical distancing protocols, an alternative for those wanting to stay safe at home is to do your next physiotherapy appointment online.

online physiotherapy telehealth

Before COVID-19 was a worldwide concern, researchers looked at the effectiveness of distance-based appointments for individuals in rural communities or those that were unable to physically attend appointments. Studies found that online rehabilitation had similar outcomes in terms of decreasing pain and increasing physical function as in-person appointments. More recently, new research is starting to emerge in response to the COVID-19 pandemic that re-evaluates the use of online appointments. Not surprisingly, results prove that this new form of physical therapy is still effective.

But how is it possible to have similar outcomes if you’re not actually doing any hands-on therapy?

Of course, nothing directly replicates the hands-on work of trained therapists. But there are workarounds that . Read below to find out what we mean.

What is it that truly makes a difference in getting clients better?

It all starts from the very beginning of the appointment with the assessment. A good therapist will listen to your story, ACTUALLY LISTEN, and take the time to understand not only the current injury but how it relates to your life. Don’t underestimate how important this step is. If a therapist rushes through this portion, they won’t be able to create a very tailored plan specific to your needs. You may get end up getting a cookie-cutter plan because they didn’t consider WHY or HOW you got injured.

The other step that cannot be overlooked is the homework. Do you expect your injury to get better by getting a 30 minute treatment once a week? Unfortunately, that’s not how our bodies work. Our body directly responds to the things we do to it and for it. We need to put in the work to safely promote healing. Good therapists will not only guide you on what SAFE healing looks like, but also educate you on how to properly do exercises to support your healing. You could come in for an appointment every single day, but that’s not very cost-effective.

See how both of these things don’t NEED to be done in person?

So what does an online physio appointment look like?

Book an Appointment Online. Then check your inbox for more information and the link to your online appointment.

Sign in to your account (same place you booked the appointment) a couple minutes before your appointment time and click “Join Meeting”

Your appointment will include:
  • A full assessment of your current concern, history, goals, and any related information.
  • A full physical assessment guided by the therapist. This includes range of motion which you will do in front of the camera so your therapist can observe, strength testing which will be guided by the therapist, pointing to painful areas, as well as functional testing such as performing a squat.
  • Education about likely diagnosis and best course of action from here on.
  • Guided self-release techniques or acu-pressure points you can perform on yourself if appropriate.
  • Guided exercises or stretches tailored to your specific injury. These are also based on your home layout and any available equipment.
  • Professional opinion on wether you require an in-person appointment or to be seen by a doctor or different professional.
  • Email follow-up with exercise instructions.
  • Sufficient time to ask any other questions or clarification as needed.

Do your homework until your next appointment!

Here’s what our clients say about ONLINE APPOINTMENTS from Google Reviews

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